This full-season mod by CTDP for F1 Challenge updates the game to the F1 season 1998. It includes most track-specifications.

Have fun!


  • 1998 models and textures
  • Special liveries and specifications through the season
  • 1998 helmets and drivers
  • 1998 physics, performance and names
  • 1998 tyres and 3D-rims
  • Statistics

Project future

This project has been finished a long time ago and we have no plans to update or convert this mod to other games. We invite third-party Modders to contact and speak with us about conversion to other games. Unfortunately for F1-1998 we can only provide you with limited original sources.


3D artists

Menno Meeldijk

2D artists

Andreas Neidhardt, Kunal Jain, Omar al shaikly, Steffen Krägelin


Mika & TN, Cheetah

Track modifications

BarryBummhead, Mike Wilhelmi

Special thanks

Jay(for putting CTDP on tv, getting real drivers to test the mod and some advise to the track department), mdaro(for his server space for all our beta stuff), our hoster RacingMag and Armin for all support,webspace, Tantra & Ethone (for track editing help), Marc Arts and Locutus (for the tools to edit F1C)